Weeknotes: Sidelining — Week 27, 2023

  • Huh, we're past the Summer Solstice.
  • Tuesday morning I showed up bright and early at the radiology unit for a follow-up scan. I really wasn't looking forward to the cannula but it was all fine, and the nurses added and removed it without leaving any bruising - which is a genuine first for any of the needles stuck in my arm this year. The contrast dye made me feel nauseous — unfortunately I didn't pick up any super-powers from the process. Yet.
  • Work was a blur this week and I somehow picked up extra assignments while trying to mind my own business, but the main highlight was OKR day. Just over three hours of presentation spread out over an entire day, leaving lots of room for coffees, an impromptu team lunch and a social in the tiny room above Watling Street. Recharged (or drained?!) my social battery in a good way.
  • Friday marked Ant day. Happy Ant day.
  • Picked up Street Fighter 6 this weekend and on top of going through Arcade Mode, I've eclipsed the 100 online matches mark. It's so goddamn fun, and is making for a nice break from Zelda. It definitely feels like at least one character is unbalanced so I'm hoping Capcom will continue working at it. What's most interesting is an entirely new build-your-own-fighter mode, which comes with a cringey single-player campaign. Also the music slaps, like seriously.
  • Sorry Kono, it's all about Han now.
  • My mum wrote a book reporting the history of Chamberlin Plc — called From Grenades to Griddles — and it came out this week. You should check it out.
  • I've been working a bit on the underlying tech-stack for this blog, including finally caving and migrating to NPM Workspaces (not without their teething pains) and finally setting up Storybook. I'm quite excited about that last bit because it's the step that I kept getting stuck on when attempting to remove Gatsby.

Collage of week 27, 2023

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