Weeknotes: Plotting — Week 33, 2023

  • This week's big theme at work was architecture and planning for Extensible Frontends: I've arrived at what seems like a reasonable proposal. I've pared back the scope to just enabling deployments, and am trying to be as unopinionated as possible about what is actually deployed, because research has proven that opinions are a big ongoing investment. In the coming weeks the new team (which also gathered for the first time this week) breaks ground, but we need to better socialise this first.
  • Elections are now also officially kicked-off. Lots to do, not much time to do it in. Busy, busy.
  • Unfortunately this week's efforts in machine-learning land were not that successful: The good news is that models are running, the bad news is that in AWS-land it's pretty boilerplate-intensive to train (or fine-tune) a model.
  • One fun distraction, was stumbling upon a critical security vulnerability affecting several of my older projects and I got in touch with my old teams to help them mitigate the immediate problem.
  • After weeks waiting on bated breath, I got the long-awaited call from St Thomas's - I seem to have successfully made it into the 70% of cases making a recovery. What that means is I can stop taking blood thinners, and that travel is fully back on the table, (and if you're reading this and you're my line manager, that means a holiday request heading your way soon™).
  • But I don't feel recovered yet. Now begins the long journey back to regaining the fitness I lost. There's something else I need to get checked out, and after the near miss in January, I don't trust my GP.
  • God I need a hair-cut.
  • Wednesday marked a dinner at Masala Zone in Piccadilly Circus, with my new favourite crowd. Tasty, and surprisingly affordable for a location that good. A well-known UK PM, a train-fare-dodger? In this economy? That's what I heard.
  • And on Sunday, I had a late lunch with Lucy in Spitalfields, and a long walk around London plotting holiday travel. I've missed it: The excitement of all the things you could do, before they're tempered by the reality of time constraints and wallets.
  • Did Netlify just lay-off all of the Gatsby team? That might be the final straw I've needed to move this blog to something simpler, or more home-grown.
  • Football was OK. Sad to see England lose, but Spain just played better.
  • Everybody was right: The Bear is phenomenal, stunning and beautiful. I've been obsessed by professional kitchens ever since Mark pointed me to how they're a great example of team-work. The energy is palpable, and right after being exhausted by Fishes, I was blown away by Forks.

Collage of week 33, 2023

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