Weeknotes: Soup — Week 7, 2024

  • Bust out the Fexofenadine, Spring is here early and with it - seasonal allergies are back. Took one on Monday and it nearly conked me out, but by Tuesday I was feeling myself again.
  • Bought a 6 month supply, which seems surprisingly forward thinking. It’s very annoying to need it.
  • I love soup.
  • Aren't we all just electrical impulses in brined bundles of fibres?
  • There are only two occasions where I'll wait in line in the rain: To get into a (good) restaurant, or, to get into a (good) club. Flea markets in multistory carparks are neither of these things.
  • What's the fun of writing on the Internet anymore?
  • Closed the week at Shoryu with D. Very good.
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