Weeknotes: Spooking — 30th October 2022

  • Reader, I ventured back into the world this week after recovering from - something - I caught returning from Bulgaria. Turns out that travel can be dangerous after-all.
  • After not running much during the trip and then staying mostly indoors for a week, I ran once this week and it was a real struggle. Lesson learned: stick to the habit - even while travelling. The upshot is that all my health stats are still tracking up.
  • At work I spent a lot of time on recruitment-shaped activities for a few roles. On top of going through - a lot - of CVs, I designed a new interview process for a specialised role, leaning heavily on behavioural questions (with a few discussion-based technical questions) and this GDS-inspired technique and so far it’s performing quite well.
  • In the evenings I’ve split my time between writing, coursework and drinking. Hoping to publish a few blog posts over the course of the rest of the year.
  • This term I’m using three languages as part of my course - Python & JavaScript, which I’m comfortable with, and C++17 which is mostly new to me. Learning a new language, even formally (with this textbook), is pretty refreshing so far.
  • The She-Hulk finale was … okay. It happened just in time for Love Is Blind Season 3 to start airing. At this point, it feels a bit rote and the editing is predictably excellent. Quite pleased that a few bets/calls I made early on have panned out so far. The tears thing was weird, wasn’t it?
  • I stopped enjoying Twitter two years ago. Returning from a break the algorithm began working against me and my posts reached fewer people. Meanwhile my feed included negativity, drama and attention-grabbing threads - because they drive engagement. Musk’s hostile takeover this week doesn’t change much for me, I’ll still be disillusioned-yet-reachable there. However you can now also find me on Mastodon, and of course, here (via RSS).
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