Weeknotes: Depending — Week 6, 2023

  • This week someone said "it's almost March". Mate. I've barely noticed it's not January any more. Not cool.
  • The trouble with changing old systems is that sometimes you end up navigating a Kafkaesque confusion of package managers. I wrote some code, improved some tests and while trying to deploy it all fell into a battle with nested dependencies. At time of writing, the dependencies are winning.
  • I'm glad that the promotions round is over.
  • Alex bakes a pretty mean cookie!
  • In a slightly welcome distraction, Mum stayed the weekend and we spent the time exploring Barnes and Fulham. Ended up eating Golubtsy/Голубцы for dinner and being surprised at the season 2 finale of Killing Eve.
  • Nintendo direct this week was pretty cool. Expect to hear more gushing about it imminently.
  • Oh crap, I should probably get to doing that write-up of 2022 huh?
  • Have had trouble sleeping this week. I can't place if it's random, stress or something else. But with this journey I've been on recently everything feels significant.
  • In welcome news, I should begin cognitive behavioural therapy next week.
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