Weeknotes: Adventures — 30th March 2019

March has been a blur. At the beginning of the month I was away adventuring in Hong Kong, and as I write this, I am in London about to begin a new adventure.

Friday the 29th marked the final chapter of my time at Bluetel (“Alexit”) and on Monday I start a new chapter at the Financial Times.

A lot happened this month and I think that at least some of it is worth writing about so I have populated my newly-minted “Writing” Trello board with a few ideas. At least, that’s my excuse for not cleaning-up/publishing any notes.

I wasn't planning on saying anything else in this post, but: In just a few days, Google are sunsetting Google Inbox, which is a huge shame. I guess they weren’t really trying to hide that it had dropped in priority though.

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