Weeknotes: Pumpkin Spice — 25th September 2022

  • Reader, Autumn is here, marking the much-anticipated return of pumpkin spice. While writing I'm drinking my first (and maybe last) latte and can already feel the power of being so, so basic surging through my veins.
  • At work, more and more teams have begun blogging semi-regularly. It's very energising reading about their progress (and I love the occasional deep-dives).
  • I upgraded to the iPhone 14 Pro, going for the smaller model after I found the 11 Pro Max a shade too big. So far I'm really enjoying it. Dynamic Island is a joy. Unfortunately I have one gripe: The always-on screen is really distracting, so, I've started laying it upside down.
  • Recently I finished watching Only Murders in the Building. Overwhelmingly wholesome. Really just a treat from end-to-end. Imagine being that into true-crime podcasts.
  • A new term starts in a few weeks. I'm not ready.
  • This week also marked a mini-budget in the UK, doubling-down on "trickle-down" economics. Mostly I've avoided writing about politics, but, this felt both significant and a tad desperate. We're in a time machine rapidly heading to the golden era of an unregulated financial system - because that has always ended well.
  • Still running btw.
  • With a beer shortage on the horizon, now feels like a good time to get really into whiskey highballs.
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