Weeknotes: Remember the milk? — 20th February 2022

Hah, it's 2022-02-20. If there's anything I learned from Imgur in the past, is that numbers like this are significant because, like, it has a bunch of 0s and 2s in it. /s

  • Over the weekend I caved to the peer pressure and started watching Love is Blind. I can’t tell if the editing is just like - really good - or if this cast of characters are genuinely this erratic & incompatible. It's all Rowan's & Alice's fault. If you're reading this and also watch it, please shout: I'd love to more evenly unload all of the cringe.
  • I'm going through another K-pop phase. Eventually if I listen to enough k-pop I'll become as cool as a member of BTS, that's how it works right?
  • Whoops, I was supposed to do something about fixing web-mentions this week.

This week I overexerted myself by doing too much far too quickly, and on Friday was left genuinely emotionally exhausted.

  • Foolishly I went directly from 2 days in the office to 4. In the before-times I was doing 5, so what's different now? Well: Thursday commutes are severely unpleasant. And every-day there's a low-to-medium level mixture of social-anxiety & viral-anxiety.
  • (I only went in on Thursday because they switched off the water in my building. Annoying.)
  • With a few time-sensitive activities happening right now and several of my team being away for reasons of half-term & illness, I didn't leave any slack in my schedule. So when a few urgent problems arose I was caught off-guard.
  • The cherry on top is that I took a bunch of emotional labour and wore myself out. There's severe dissonance between popular positivity and denial and the general languish which many are still feeling. We all need holidays. Real ones.

Very early into Animal Farm an entire pail of milk disappears from the freshly liberated farm. While Orwell makes this event incredibly conspicuous, it's never directly explained.

  • To an English teacher, this is foreshadowing: It primes the reader by pre-empting the future. Surely it couldn't have been the pigs?!
  • To an analyst: It's a strong signal that there's something going on. Maybe time to take a closer look at these pigs, huh?
  • To a trader: Feeling bullish about milk lxds - going all in.

This is a roundabout way of saying it, but, pay attention to the signals people. You're not supposed to feel that drained on a Friday. Keep a gratitude journal. Take a holiday. Oh, and don't trust capitalist pigs skimming the cream of your labour.

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