Weeknotes: SkyTweeting — Week 17, 2023

  • Upward trajectory this week: Started out feeling fairly unenthused and ended in a much better place. There's power to figuring out what's bothering you, west-winging it and then trying to work through it. Highly recommended. Bias for action is coming back, slowly.
  • This week started with a live-coding exercise with one of our journalists. Quite often technologists will shadow or do various business processes (famously, Nandos encouraging people into kitchens) - so flipping it on its head is a bit novel and I hope we pulled it off? Maybe we can do more?
  • We also had several major outages impacting the homepage this week. Mostly out-of-hours and all slightly different. All exhausting. I got to write a bit of code to help mitigate the last one. This long weekend is well-deserved.
  • Euan's last day was Friday. Over forty people stopped by for his Thursday send-off - which speaks volumes - it's probably the most fun I've had in a pub all year. Friday was a very quiet day. I'll miss working with you buddy!
  • The Diplomat was sick!
  • I'm on Bluesky: It's pretty good. It feels like Twitter I remember, before the algorithmic penalties brought on by linking to my own website, and long before the sale last year. Watching the platform, its crowd and its lore all develop in realtime is also pretty addictive. More importantly, the underpinning technology is actually delivering. And the docs are great!
  • Saturday afternoon I went to the first London Bluesky meetup, hosted under a blue sky in St James' park. It was great! I ended up a beta-tester of Graysky. The happening of the day was a pigeon pooing on part of the group. In many ways it's symbolic of the exodus from Twitter. In many others it's also funny and we'll be talking about it for years.
  • Went to Karens with Laura & Taz. Wow. Uh. Wow. They made some guy who looked pretty tough crawl around on the floor growling like a lion. And they tore up our drawings. I'm not sure who it's for, but, it's there I guess.
  • Many people travelling this week, so have been feeling some light-to-medium FOMO. :(
  • Checked out a protest on Sunday, it was OK. Watched the police and their flight-plan-less helicopter circle around. Nothing untoward happening there, definitely not, all good, okay.

Collage of week 17, 2023

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