Weeknotes: Remaining — 10th April 2022

This weekend I was supposed to be in Lisbon (for Sónar & Pastéis de Nata) — unfortunately fate had other plans.

  • Perhaps I’m biased but right now it definitely seems like everybody is travelling to Lisbon to vacation or work. Portuguese travel restrictions are relatively lax, but not that much more than other European countries.
  • Whatever it is, I’m definitely a little jealous, so hopefully there’ll be another reason to go soon!
  • Thinking about travel more generally (and remembering that I haven’t taken a totally-switched-off holiday since December 2019), I’m toying more and more with the idea of taking a month off a little later in the year for some immersive language-learning.

A few interesting things came-up out of technical contributions this week.

  • GitHub supports crediting multiple authors for commits via Co-authored-by lines in commit messages, which came up during a mobbing exercise. Nifty!
  • In semantic versioning, carets (^) include patch-level changes for 0.x.x versions, but for 1.x.x and higher, then include patch-level and minor-level changes. This unique behaviour for 0.0.0 has caused me loads of problems over the years.
  • I knew that TypeScript can process JSDoc inside JavaScript projects, but, turns out VS Code is all you need. The flag js/ts.implicitProjectConfig.checkJs enables type-checking natively inside VS Code without any TypeScript tooling.
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