Weeknotes: Antennae — Week 20, 2024

  • What happens when a bunch of Japanophiles, most of whom have lived or stayed in Japan for longer than a holiday, go to the best Okonomiyaki place in London? Awkwardly specific questions to staff, that’s what. No folks, Abeno don’t do monja. They do do great highballs though.
  • In a world of component libraries, what even is a design system?
  • Caught up with OB at the Euston Tap, and immediately we made a mistake by going for a La Chouffe. Not designed for a pint-glass.
  • Picked up a new fold-flat laptop stand from Colebrook Boston Saunders which pairs great with the ThinkPad Bluetooth keyboard. Game-changer for being able to work in weird places. Looks good too.
  • Saturday I threw a birthday shindig starting in Spitalfields and ending in the Blind Beggar with some of my favourite people. You know who you are, thanks for coming!
  • The joy of living in South West London is not visiting any other parts of South West London because the transport links are pants, so on Sunday I found Nick in a pub in Tooting, and joined a capital ring walking group heading to Crystal Palace.
  • Also I totally called the Usyk v. Tyson fight, down to the exact result - just like with Eurovision last week.
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