Weeknotes: Accessioning — 11th September 2022

  • A lot has happened in the UK this week - we have a new prime minister, a new king - and - the queen passed away during the week. The new people are where the title is from btw.
  • Wishing I were on holiday.
  • Still running! Now with new shoes which I can’t decide if they’re too small or not.
  • I took off Wednesday afternoon for an exam which I estimated would take between 6 and 8 hours, but I finished in ~4. So I went to a birthday party which with hindsight was a mistake.
  • On Thursday I left the office at 6:15PM to join some people at a nearby pub, and around 6:30PM was back in the office in an incident room as we made tweaks to messaging on the site.
  • An interesting thing about working at a newspaper is that we sort-of knew the news was coming. What confirmed it for me - wasn't the request we pause push-notifications, nor the rumours of notes being passed around the House of Commons. It was the building staff standing by to move our flags to half-mast.
  • Crikey. Editing the website isn’t very stressful compared to rewriting the frontpage of the paper. A few surprisingly long (18 minutes!) deployments are nothing in comparison.
  • We had an open tab which was quickly repurposed into dinner.
  • Friday evening I met some friends at Spiritland - you know, the big one near Waterloo - and we migrated from there to Eat Tokyo. Honest review of Spiritland: It’s just okay. They made a decent Old Fashioned though.
  • This weekend I’ve been cranking through Ableton, fuelled by onigiri, and the hours have melted away.
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