Weeknotes: Beating — Week 18, 2024

  • During a lull at my local polling station I cast all my votes for the London local elections (all for labour this round). Satisfying seeing the conservatives lose lots of seats as the votes came in, although I will miss hearing from Andy Street.
  • Have put Rust on hold. For now!
  • Visited Chinatown with L, and did an almost complete inventory of the restaurants. Ended up going to the bao place that isn’t on Google Maps, followed by taiyakiya. I highly recommend both.
  • Popped by the Market Porter briefly to say goodbye to Carina (and share some Japan travel tips), and to say hello to some of the rest of the team.
  • First time back in the office for a little while. I got a bowl of soup. Everybody should have easy access to soup. Very quiet - I think the aforementioned leaving drinks went well.
  • Kept up the Persian food streak by going to Ariana.
  • Prompted by last week’s health scare (and slow NHS waiting times), I saw a cardiologist on Saturday, where someone did an ultrasound on my heart. (Surreal thinking about it!) It’s likely that the scare is nothing serious, but back next week for tests.
  • Alright, off on the train to Birmingham I go. Bye!
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