Weeknotes: Oscillating — 6th November 2022

  • November is here and the weather has taken a turn. Pumpkin spice lattes are over. This weekend I’ve been reading web standards in the rain.
  • Highlights at work this week included several away-days. We opened one with a vulnerability exercise: Bringing in deeply-meaningful personal items and telling their (really our) stories. We closed the day reflecting using Lencioni’s model and all cited the opening exercise as having been a big boost.
  • Consecutive away-days compressed the time available for other work. The rapid oscillation between the safety of away-day conversations & now-pressured (already difficult) day-job activities made this week one of the most confusing all year.
  • Although maybe that’s ZOE talking: I started the trial this week meaning sticking a glucose monitor into my arm, eating controlled foods and taking various samples. My mood is definitely a bit weird. We won’t talk about Day 2. Genuinely excited to see the results, although they’re probably a next year thing.
  • No, you’re wrong, it’s definitely too early in the year for mince pies.
  • Oh, this week I spent nearly 2 hours trying to diagnose a problem, only to find I’d globally misconfigured NPM to use legacy peer dependency behaviour. While I’m blaming myself entirely, I do wish the Node ecosystem dealt less in absolutes.
  • Mark Carney’s Values is a difficult read, but an incredibly good one and I highly recommend it.
  • See you next week, friend.
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