Weeknotes: Acclimatizing — 17th July 2022

With record high temperatures in the UK, I regret moving to a place with such good insulation. Winter was wonderful and the heating stayed off, but, now I’m craving the cool touch of air conditioning.

  • Current life-hacks involve shorts and bootleg iced-coffees, which is to say refrigerated milk and whatever form of concentrated caffeine I can find.
  • What a time to begin reading John Doerr's Speed & Scale. From an author known for OKRs, it’s a book with case studies and an action plan for tackling climate change. The website includes much of the same information and an interactive tracker for each objective.
  • Happy to stop eating beef, but it’s slightly disheartening to see that many big objectives are off-target: Perhaps the heat will stop us bickering and supporting populists? One can only hope.

Lots happening at work right now, too much to mention:

  • On Tuesday Caroline left our team, and we marked the occasion with our first in-person team lunch which was lovely - until we got kicked-out to make room for a networking event!
  • Dimitar & I are both taking on short-term interim tech-director roles which is exciting.
  • It’s mid-year review season at work, and I think it’s been uplifting for everybody? I’m on-target with most of my objectives and have nice feedback which will help me (slightly) course-correct.


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