Weeknotes: Rotating — Week 1, 2023

  • Back at work this week, kinda. With difficulties in getting around by train, I've been working remotely from assorted Birmingham coffee shops. Last time I did this was apparently December 2019!
  • The CircleCI breach and the ever-worsening LastPass breach are a slightly disturbing trend, eh? Starting to think that putting secrets in the cloud was never a good idea.
  • In very related news, the buzz-word of the week is rotating.
  • Short notes this week: During a run I developed some spooky symptoms which ended up with me in the ER - the conclusion is a particularly nasty migraine. Genuinely freaked out by this.
  • Also had some coursework deadlines on Monday, but since I let them know about the migraine, UoL have been kind enough to grant me an extra week.
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