Weeknotes: Tarrying — Week 5, 2023

  • First week all year not involving time in a hospital. Mixed feelings. Hopefully first of many.

  • In a nice recovery milestone, during the week I've been working on a small improvement to caching for the website to improve the durability and predictability of article pages, which I'm hoping to start testing over the next week or so.

  • Remember that race I signed up for? Today was race day. The running group invited me to join them for food, but I couldn't quite stomach it.

  • Although I did end up eating out a lot this week: Champor-Champor served up the best Massaman curry I've ever tasted, Taro Pimlico's miso soup stole the show & Wagamama's new billing system is a kafkaesque nightmare.

  • Never thought I'd say this: I miss cardio. Weirdly, I don't miss booze.

  • Ted Lasso is abnormally good and I'm highly disappointed it took me so long to discover. “Beard After Hours” hit hard. Thanks Arjun for nudging me to push through the pilot.

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