Weeknotes: Pudding — Week 19, 2023

  • Short week, but I packed in tonnes, too much to write about really: We kicked off the thing I mentioned last week (although I haven't done my homework yet), and some other things got shipped. Picked up a left-field assignment that had me running around the building to speak to different departments, skimming research papers and writing a Jupyter notebook - all with a slightly stressful deadline that I barely hit - genuinely energising in a good way.
  • Had a follow-up occupational health appointment and pleasantly realised that while I'm not where I was health-wise at the close of last year, I'm much closer than I was. Alas, my wait on the NHS continues.
  • Sometimes visibly doing anything is more important than invisibly doing the right thing.
  • (And sometimes a comment in Alex's week-notes is a comment in Alex's week-notes! Nothing to decode here, at least not this time)
  • Also learned why stroke order is important in kana. Turns out that シ & ツ and ン & ソ are imminently readable once you've learned how to write them out and can see the patterns. (This font makes it easier!)
  • This week's Ted Lasso was fantastic.
  • Spent the weekend in York for a stag-do involving many bars and a boat which didn't collide with a bridge. We all stayed in the second-tallest building in York.
  • Late in the evening we watched Eurovision at Brew York. Croatia's entry was clever: lots of winning elements but with heaps of personality and satire mixed in - it's rare to see shit-posts that well formed. My fave entry was from Finland and it was was a flat-out banger, incorporating elements of techno and metal because why not. Entire bar sang along. Disappointing that the jury then overrode the popular vote.
  • Had my first Yorkshire pudding in Yorkshire today. Although I heard up north that they're just called puddings.

Week 19, 2023.

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