Weeknotes: Interesting — Week 20, 2023

  • Started porting a subset of a very old PHP+React project to NodeJS this week which was surprisingly fun. There's lots of wacky things you can do like parsing Twig templates as TwigJS or Nunjucks, and turning framework Yaml config into JSON. Miraculously the package.json file still worked and I remembered how much I loved Class Components.
  • Had a really uplifting 1:1 with our new CTO, and a bittersweet leaving lunch for our old CTO.
  • Spent some time going over every bit of current or future interdepartmental work and sorting them into three feasibility buckets. Immensely satisfying. There is now a practical list of things to look at to get the whole lot moving.
  • On Wednesday I outed myself as a reader of a popular tech blog by going to Interesting. It was pretty good! I learned a lot about shopping lists and misophonia, and a little bit about blood sugar and section 28.
  • Mash, Diesel, Sausages, Shortbread
  • Went to Taro for lunch on Saturday and spent the rest of the day playing Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It's pretty good. I preferred the mystique and lore of the first game, but I'm having so much fun building silly little contraptions to traverse and unlock the map before starting on the actual story. Real 2017 vibes.
  • Went hiking with Z, C, J, M & P along the Seven Sisters and their secret unacknowledged eighth sister. We nearly ended up at Brighton but were distracted by a very average Sunday roast. Or it was a very good Sunday roast but I'm still dreaming of Yorkshire gravy.
  • Now my legs hurt.
  • Missed my self-imposed deadline for writing weeknotes. Oh no.

Collage of my camera roll for week 20, 2023

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