Weeknotes: Pioneers — Week 10, 2024

  • Gladiators is really good. It’s just cheesy and fun.
  • Mental health focus this week. Did you know people aren’t very happy in the UK? That’s why we need more things like Gladiators and fewer things like Saltburn.
  • Major highlight was wolfing down a triple-roast rice (三寶飯) and smuggling in a 7 day supply of flucloxacillin into Fabric to watch Paranoid London. I think this makes me cool? Maybe? (to be clear, it was a prescription to clear up a scary infection. so perhaps not cool.)
  • Paranoid London were playing their new album live, which is fantastic. Lots of synth equipment on stage and the vocalists joined live. My fave track was Fields of Fire.
  • Played through, and beat Paradise Killer over the course of the week. Loved it.
  • Had a much-delayed appointment with a geneticist this week, which involved a full family medical history and a physical exam. Ruled out for the obvious stuff which is good, but I now have a hot date with a phlebotomist: Yay.
  • Not for anything serious I’m also back in the neurology sphere of interest which means I can look forward to yet another neuroexam (basically an expert on these) as well as another hot date with a phlebotomist.
  • On Saturday I went on a pilgrimage to the Swedish Church to watch the pre-Eurovision Melodifestivalen final, which was heaps and heaps of fun. Walked out with tickets to the semi-final. Malmö here I come?
  • This was a fun* read.
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