Weeknotes: A-Nick-ating — Week 4, 2023

  • This week I properly started on my next big assignment, which is to refine and improve how visual and data stories are produced. It's slightly messy (and big) work since it fits between several teams, but I'm already seeing major opportunities to make things significantly better - and am thrilled to have a brand new problem space to explore.
  • Nick left the FT this week, and given the chance to say a few words during his goodbye so I plugged a few anecdotes into ChatGPT. The resulting speech was surprisingly good and got a few laughs. However it really started to struggle when I asked it to generate actual humour. "A-Nick-ating" was its idea of a pun and I still don't understand it.
  • Promotions round is done: Phew.
  • On Friday afternoon we ran a Goose chase at work. Our team started out strong and we stayed tied first right up until the final mission, where not even Tobias's epic sprint to the final spot could hold our lead against Kara. We ended in third place.
  • Thursday morning I had my first follow-up appointment with a specialist. He walked me through my MRI so I now know what the inside of my own head looks like and it is a new type of awareness that I didn't need. We walked through the problem and my treatment. And I'm doing more tests to understand the cause and any risk factors. But hopefully now I'm on the road to recovery - should know by May.
  • Since looking at screens recently hasn't been going so well, I've been getting really into jigsaws. This week I finished, glued and framed We Come In Piece's Berlin - I just love everything about it and its energy.
  • Speaking of jigsaw puzzles, happy Jigsaw Puzzle day!
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