Weeknotes: Recruiting — 15th May

I’m still running. Somehow I’m trapped inside a rare virtuous cycle and reader - I am here for it.

  • This week I drew out two circuits: One short, through Putney Park Avenue, and the other, long, through Putney & Wimbledon Commons. I skipped going to any Eurovision parties to give them a try.
  • What I’m most proud of is making sure there’s a good way of running at home, with other plans. This is a huge step which will make it a lot harder to procrastinate. This is a good thing!
  • After this second week of running, my legs still hurt. For some reason I started doing press-ups & planks again. Now the rest of me hurts too.

I’ve always found it hard to write about work, because sensitivity-aside it’s hard to find the right level of detail, but there were some distinct things which happened this week.

  • There are two big tech-leadership-shaped things on my plate right now, near-opposite-ends of whatever linear scale technology leadership fits onto. However, my contributions feel meaningful and I feel like I’m making progress. On Friday I went to senior-leadership meetings for both (me, more listening than talking) which was a good milestone for both.
  • Currently I’m overseeing four teams (two temporarily as cover) and all four had significant moments I got to share this week. Desperately hoping that I actually am helping considering the limited time. I’m (genuinely) lucky to work with such excellent tech leads.
  • Today I travelled to the Old Truman Brewery to represent the FT at the Silicon Milkroundabout which is a careers fair. Speaking to dozens of people today, I remembered that I’m relatively confident and that I love working at the FT. For SMR leadership, “Even Better If” you foster a more diverse audience.

What else?

  • Learning Japanese is going well! I found some lessons and can now construct (relatively) complex sentences. However vocabulary is the really difficult bit and I’ve barely started. Pray for me.
  • A recent Metroid Dread update added a new mode: Boss Rush. Currently I’m sub-17 minutes, which I think is pretty good for playing it so little. It’s nice having a “bite-sized” Metroid experience that isn’t a speedrun.
  • On a Marvel binge this week I finally watched both Moon Knight & Wandavision. Love them, but, let’s be real: Higurashi did it better.
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