Weeknotes: Standing — Week 22, 2023

  • I last left you in a field. It was a nice field. I've been thinking about that field a lot.
  • Got into the office quite early one morning for a conversation with the ABC about the technical work I'm doing to improve how we build interactives, and learned lots.
  • One of my teams did a design sprint this week, and on Thursday afternoon I was invited to the "jury" to feed back on their ideas - some of which seemed like novel iterations of things we already had, and some of which were just fantastic ideas that really might push how journalists tell stories. Felt pretty hyped afterwards!
  • Kicked off some technical-strategy work, and spent a lot of time refining documents for senior stakeholders. I've decided my new favourite font for these documents is Work Sans.
  • Finally went to one of the Bulgarian restaurants in London - it was fantastic. Missed Шкембе чорба a lot.
  • Someone bullied politely encouraged me into doing a bit of work to fix the mailing list on this blog, which I have now done. It's now powered by Mailchimp and I haven't automatically resubscribed people - but if you read this and you were subscribed - I'll drop you a note at some point.
  • Rosslyn ran our canteen coffee shop on Thursday. AAAAAAAH. Delicious.
  • Went to a production of Midsummer Night's Dream at The Globe one evening, which was just fantastic. Standing for four hours was slightly less fun. My fave moment was Puck walking over to Oberon's understudy - who had a script in her hands - and flipping through the actual script when saying “Did you not say to me..?” Audience was in hysterics.
  • Sunday I went with MT, ZA and JK to Birmingham to do a speed-run of the central sights. The trains were — fine — recovering from a strike the day before but we ran into a major delay on the way back. Brum was really quiet, like, really weirdly quiet. And I don't remember there being so much construction actively happening in the centre - with what mostly looked like student accommodation! Bumped into a few friends while there which was lovely.

Collage of week 22, 2023

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