Weeknotes: Convalescing — 28th May

Week two of Covid: Last Saturday was the peak of my symptoms, and one long week later, I'm feeling somewhere between 93-96%.

  • Every day Oura has reported a slightly healthier temperature, respiratory-rate & heart-rate-variability. The long-tail shows how gradual the recovery has been.
  • The major symptoms were a dry-cough (which became a wet cough the next day), a five-day-long headache, fatigue (which hasn't gone entirely yet). Oh, and sneezing, which is how I know the vaccine is still doing something.
  • At some point I stopped being able to smell anything, which is a story involving food that I'd really rather not go into.

Isolation has been interesting: Even without the mandate I haven't felt well enough to go outdoors or do anything particularly strenuous.

  • Someone on a video-call was walking from Euston to Paddington, which was great & felt like my own private livestream. Yes, I live in this city, but it's still cool to see the sights from my living room.
  • Inspired by a good friend's advice, I finally switched (downgraded?) from an eGPU to a Plugable dock. It has made a world of positive difference to work-from-home setup: While some software is slower, everything is way more stable - and my setup is miles smaller.
  • I ran a bit too far right before coming down with Covid, so this has forced me to recover my legs/knees a bit. I've been encouraged to rest a bit longer, so I'll do that, and reset my programme.

Looking at the upside, this has been an excellent chance to spend some time with television & bad video-games.

  • How good was Jimmy & Kim's plan in Better Call Saul?! That entire episode was great.
  • Finishing the re-watch of Breaking Bad. A decade after seeing it for the first time, the series really hits different: Walt is a jerk from nearly the very start - and both Mike & Saul Goodman are objectively good people in a bad spot. Is this personal growth?!
  • After years of being recommended it, I caved and played through Corpse Party. With mystery/horror stories, plot-twists can be interesting, but, this had a few too many making the gameplay & plot feel incredibly drawn-out & contrived. Again, Higurashi did it better.
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