Weeknotes: Toting — 4th September 2022

  • Reader, this week I’ve been engaged in battle with my bathroom sink: On the verge of calling in reinforcements (a plumber) I had a mild victory involving a plunger. Now I know how the Daleks must feel.
  • This was a shorter week at work and it felt pretty hefty at times, but already far better than last week. Reflecting, something I need to do a lot more of is time-blocking: Some documents just need to be written. It’s like being in the critical-path of code, only, without the code - and usually docs can’t “just” be passed onto someone else.
  • On Wednesday, I went to an impromptu leaving drinks for a conspicuously-anonymous friend moving to NYC the next day. Our small group merged with another and I left having had one of the top-ten strangest conversations of all time - and with a job offer for a non-existent company.
  • My new mission is to make highballs happen because they’re more refreshing than beer, and make me look cooler than drinking wine. If you hear me ordering “Whiskey & sparkling water over ice, in a tall glass” or some variation in the coming weeks - please don’t judge.
  • On Saturday I went to FT Weekend Festival to secure a tote bag. While there I watched a few panels and saw the same man ask the same question at three different panels - it felt just like being at a tech conference. Real-talk: I’m genuinely very hyped for Skandal when it launches in two weeks time.
  • Having recovered from overtraining earlier this year, these past few weeks I’ve been running again. At the risk of sounding cliched - every time I run, I remember how much I love it - so I’m going for consistency this time round: Following Aaron’s advice, I’m taking it slower and zone training to work on recovery and endurance.
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