Weeknotes: Administrating — Week 11, 2023

  • Loved that on budget day all I saw on various news channels was teacher & train strikes. Sums up the mood of the nation right now.
  • Wednesday saw a workshop about current and future ways of publishing interactive journalism. We ideated and diverged in all the ways a good design sprint should and wrapped up with a series of case-studies including Observable, Svelte at the NYT and web-components in mid-2010s Methode. Next steps are deeper dives into the tech and orchestrating some kind of reconvergence.
  • Phew. I made it to the end of one administrative labyrinth. It took a surprising amount of time. Ready for another.
  • This week I started using Zed a bit for development. It's not as fully-featured as VSCode, but, it does support language servers and it. is. fast. Like so fast. It's bringing me back to the days when I used Sublime Text for everything.
  • Mixed mental health week this week. Some of the tools I've picked up recently are helping and I'm feeling less anxiety and apathy, but, I've also been particularly bad at masking and people have noticed - which is - ehhhhhhhh not helping.
  • What better way to deal than to go with friends to watch one of the final screenings of Cocaine Bear? God. Damn. There's a particularly morbid scene involving an ambulance - you know the one if you've seen it - which had me and the rest of the cinema in hysterical laughter. It is the closest you'll ever get to Patrick Bateman energy. Highly recommended.
  • Nintendo's announcement that they're shutting down the 3DS and Wii U eShops prompted me to revive my 3DS. I replaced the shell with the Majoras Mask special edition and installed Luma3DS so I can side-load all of the digital-only content that is no longer for sale. And I own at least two cartridges, so, you know, that's fun.
  • We're going to see this start happening with more and more digital content stores and it's deeply saddening - my music collection still hasn't recovered from the shutdown of Google Play Music.
  • じゃ、また。
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