Weeknotes: Sprinting — Week 2, 2024

  • In Zeno's paradox of Achilles and the Tortoise, it's impossible for Achilles to catch-up with the Tortoise because the Tortoise is always ⅒ of the distance ahead of Achilles.
  • It makes perfect sense because there'll always be an infinitesimally small distance between them, however, unfortunately in reality the laws of physics exist and also we don't live inside a maths puzzle.
  • Starting back at work this week, a week after everyone else, in many ways I felt like Achilles — not only because I could not catch-up with everyone else's head-start — but also because I hurt my foot and I'm pretty sure that's what he was famous for.
  • But I have caught up now, though, at least enough to have found this silly metaphor for the second week of the year.
  • New year, new calendar: I am trying out time-blocking (the old fashioned way, without any fancy apps) to focus on specific tasks. Specifically taking some time and saying, "OK NOW WE WILL FOCUS ON X" is just intrinsically motivating.
  • Enjoyed watching another table at The Union pull off The Great Biscoff heist.  Good Fish & Chips too.
  • Coursework this weekend involved writing an interpreter for a made-up programming language, and implementing things like variables. Really enjoyed this one! Started in Python, but moved to Node to take advantage of the in-built REPL library.
  • My foot is much better now, thanks for asking.
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