Weeknotes: Space — 24th October 2021

Last week Nick helped me move my standing desk from Whitechapel, which was quite the adventure across London.

  • ... and this week I got a chair. A refurbished Herman Miller Mirra 2. This is the first time I've properly invested time & money into getting a chair for the long-term and I'm so glad I did: it's endlessly adjustable and actually really comfortable.
  • Re-assembling a working space is a huge milestone - not only is home-working now again a serious (sustainable) option, I now also have a place where I can write and fiddle around with music production.
    • Note to self: Write-up the disassembly/reassembly instructions for my desk.
    • Note to Nick: Please bring back your weeknotes!
  • God I really missed having an audio setup that sounded good.

Have you seen the Little Printer? Several years late to the party.

  • It prints stuff, from the internet.
  • Basically something of a dream machine. A way of instantly transforming, at relatively low cost, some information into something physical.
  • Daily to-do lists, short summaries of the news, that kind of thing...
  • This is the device I have needed for years!
  • Unfortunately it no longer exists, so I've decided that building something like it is my next side-project. This note is to create accountability!

Since finishing Metroid Dread (100%!) I've been playing Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. Another blast from the past, I played the original on GBA a very long time ago.

  • As far as remakes go, it's quite true to form. Mechanics have been improved, the new 3D graphics are brilliant, but at its core it's still the same game.
  • Got to the end of the first in-game year and had accomplished everything it took me five in-game years to accomplish in the original.
  • Coming later this year, are the Pokémon Diamond/Pearl remakes, and a remake of the first two Advance Wars games. I'm all here for these nostalgia-inducing releases.

Oh yeah, I guess it's the Michaelmas/Autumn term now. And I think I agreed to write a talk?

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