Weeknotes: Running — Week 15, 2023

  • This was a short week, but it didn't feel like a short week. It really didn't feel like a short week.
  • [This week's soundtrack is Running: a minimal, layered banger that gives me real producer envy]
  • “What are you doing?” came a voice from across the office. “Looking for isopropyl alcohol” I replied, manner-of-factly, as if it was the most normal thing in the world to be doing in a workplace. Folks, it was only a matter of time: I spilled some coffee onto a keyboard and needed something non-conductive to clean with. The keyboard hasn't been the same since.
  • I'm a Logseq person now. I think. It's another one of these knowledge-management tools (like Obsidian), including the cute little graph, but what's drew me is that it's block-based and driven by daily journals. I try to write notes as I go - either in Notion or on pen & paper (❤️ BuJo) - so this fits my style perfectly. Giving it a proper go.
  • The FT hosted Codebar on Wednesday. I signed up, either to speak or coach, and falling through the admin gaps ended up doing neither. I hung out with our recruiters instead and chatted to a few people about working at the pink newspaper. Turnout was great, and the sheer variety of different projects and ideas the students brought with them was huge in a way I can only describe as energising. To be that creative once more.
  • Finished reading The Man Who Solved The Market which was the story of how quantitative trading came to be — against all odds — and the messy interplay of the people involved. It sadly also includes a story around right-wing political funding and how that sowed division. I'd like to read books without encountering the words "Cambridge Analytica". One day.
  • Katana Hero was great. They were going for a cheesy vibe and they got it. Smiled start to finish.
  • Watched Suzume on Sunday. The plot was very cute and featured lots of realistic travel around Japan, the door-lore from Monster's Inc. and TF2 prop-hunt. The art was gorgeous: At times it felt more like looking at a piece of art than watching a movie. Followed by dinner at Dishoom which was lovely but expensive.
  • Twitter webmentions are down, maybe forever. I've been meaning to switch likes and reposts out for something like claps - this might be the impetus.

Collage of week 15, 2023

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