Weeknotes: Cubing — Week 47, 2023

  • Since pausing writing on holiday I hadn't made any time to write, but we're so back.
  • There are now four weeks left until the year is done. Think about that for a moment.
  • Achievements this week included setting a new Rubik's cube PB of 0.75 seconds.
  • With the end-of-the-year review cycle coming, much of my time this week has been spent on management tasks which I'm enjoying quite a bit.
  • Across the Spider-Verse was a beautiful film to watch.
  • Had a rather nice dinner with some visitors at a Sichuan restaurant, where I was introduced to the combo of Mapo Tofu and Chicken Fried Rice. It shouldn't work, but it really, really does.
  • New Doctor Who is so much better than I thought it would be. Other than (probably deliberately) provoking some discourse, it feels like exactly what I grew up with. Not to be taken too seriously, of course. Lots of fun. Thanks for coming back RTD! Now let's just forget all of season 13.
  • I keep getting invites to external events, and I'm only recently realising that this is how the high-flying types who seem to know each other do their networking.
  • How people stay active while doing a desk-job is beyond me. Walking 12k steps per day is hard. I've taken to pacing around the roof for some meetings.
  • (Despite the title I don't actually own a cube. Sorry!)
  • I can feel myself coming down with something. :(
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