Weeknotes: Tapwater — Week 39, 2023

  • OKRs and micro-frontends this week, mostly.
  • Met with all my teams to review their OKRs, and then later met with all the teams that IG Integration relies upon to discuss what they're able to do in Q4 - and how it jives with their OKRs. Starting to feel like I might know what I'm doing? Very scary.
  • Spent a very long time debugging how our micro-frontend module-loader performs in different browser environments, including a few pairing sessions.
    • In the end I rewrote our loading mechanism to be entirely event-based and to better align it to the browser lifecycle. So now, as soon as JS can run, we:
      1. begin fetching modules
      2. we allow them to bootstrap as soon as page information is available (but before the DOM exists)
      3. lastly we queue all of them up until the DOM is ready for components to begin interacting with it.
    • This was a probably the most in-depth frontend activity I've done in a while, and it was nice to know that my skills are still sharp, it wasn't as thrilling as I used to find this stuff.
  • I spoke at Customer Products Snapshot this week, but, really got in my own head about it - maybe because it was my first time standing up in front of an actual audience in 3 years(?) - and think I bungled the delivery. I hated every second of it. I am upset with myself for having let a presso get to me.
  • Oh gosh everything has been on fire for the second week in a row. I'm very impressed at how well people are handling each and every incident. If nothing else, the FT has some of the best incident management discipline in tech.
  • Missed another exam. :(
  • To that end, I subbed beer for DIY high-balls: Ask the bartender for a single whiskey in a tall glass, ice optional. Fill it up with sparkling water. It's pretty good. Until you end up going to the one pub that doesn't have sparkling water, and you end up drinking tap-water instead. That isn't so good.
  • Spent the weekend at home because I started feeling a bit rotten on Saturday morning. There's something going around. So I worked more on the vectorisation side-project. Cloudflare's new vector database and edge-inference offerings are VERY well timed.

Collage of week 39, 2023

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