Weeknotes: Compartmentalising — 6th March 2022

We’re now in March, and spring is upon us. With the backdrop of war in Ukraine & exploring efforts to help, now feels like another time to compartmentalise.

Compartmentalising? Well that’s made easier by continuing to avoid social media, sort-of.

I moved back to RSS-by-default, Trying to mimic the nostalgia of how I read the internet in 2013: Before “doom-scrolling” existed in the zeitgeist, and, before social media firms spent millions perfecting it.

  • RSS-by-default is nice. Sort-of. Before this when I followed only a few blogs - basic clients were enough — However, now I get to experience the varied quality of different feeds & clients. Reeder & Lire are the the best cross-platform Apple options I’ve found so far.
  • Optimising my reader’s quality-to-quantity balance, I tried sending newsletters to it. For some busier sites, the regular human curation & summarisation is far more readable than a standard firehose feed. A side-benefit is that I can now follow Substack/Twitter publications!
  • Purely anecdotally, I’m already reading more mindfully. The distance between me & algorithmic curation is teaching me to move beyond engagement towards understanding.
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