Weeknotes: Celebrating — 25th December 2022

  • Happy holidays folks! (メリークリ!)
  • The stars aligned and I got to spend Christmas in Birmingham with family. After unpleasant surprises in 2020 and 2021, this has been a welcome hit of nostalgia and tradition. And too much food.
  • But reader, it wasn't looking good. I had a killer start to the winter break. Instead of drinking cocktails and making music, I was confined to my sofa in with a rather unpleasant bug.
  • Whilst recovering, I diagnosed & fixed a really annoying random iOS Slack crash. Using iOS kernel logs & mitmproxy I linked an API payload to a memory leak, so I fixed the data (for me) and now have a ticket for Slack to patch the underlying bug.
  • My Analogue Pocket pre-order finally arrived. Metroid Fusion with the original GBA display mode is so much more atmospheric and moody than on an SP or emulator (and I set an any% PB of 1:43). But the star of the show is native SNES on openFPGA, meaning, Super Metroid on the go - but like - actually Super Metroid and not a laggy emulator. I love this so much.
  • Still running. One 10K in Birmingham down. In the rain. Fitness overall up on the start of the year.
  • Ah, I suppose I should probably start writing holiday greetings.
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