Weeknotes: Balancing — Week 34, 2023

  • This week marked the first few planning sessions to enable micro-frontends, or extensions. I've been using the story mapping format to walk through end-to-end journeys and draw up epics and tickets. We got quite far, and we're on the cusp of starting to drive a few standards. I love wearing this hat in projects.
  • Also published a blog post about that work and generally the reception has been really nice. I worry that I went too in-depth with the technical details, and now reading the Agile Comms Handbook I'm considering how to better brand this work - both to describe the short-term (which is intentionally small!) and the promise of the long-term. The balance is off.
  • Sagemaker is such a headache.
  • Summer is a funny time of year: They say that things slow down, but I think that they speed up. Those going away on holiday want to see things happen while they're away. Those coming back from holiday want to see things happen now that they're back. One of these years I'll become one of these smart, smart people - take holidays, people!
  • Holiday planning is still happening but I haven't confirmed any dates yet. Between now and then, between school and work I'm looking at a small marathon, and this holiday has become the finishing line. Going somewhere else for a bit makes me feel a little less queasy about the journey ahead.
  • For the long weekend I hopped on a train on Friday and went to Birmingham for the weekend. My sister recently graduated and so we got to celebrate with dinner.
  • Had a grand old time walking around the city centre and managed to grab a few drinks with Josh who I hadn't seen in 4 years, at a pub which I've avoided for 5. I miss the Birmingham crowd! Followed by a dinner at a Japanese restaurant which I've had my eye on for 6 years, which is now unfortunately above a club with a speaker bassy enough to shake the entire floor.
  • Over the week I also updated my IBM Data Science certification from V1 to V2. I wasn't expecting an update with the programme and the material wasn't substantially different, but it's now out of the way - whenever I find a bit of time I'm going back to DataCamp. I really enjoy this specialism.
  • Oh and I own a Playdate now! It's so cute!

Collage of week 34, 2023

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