Weeknotes: Stormy — Week 4, 2024

  • Storms Isha and Jocelyn came to visit this week bringing high-speed gusts, a wave of train cancellations and the soothing wailing of wind passing through the rafters. One problem - my apartment doesn't have any rafters.
  • That Don Clifton chap sure might have been onto something, eh?
  • James recommended a new cheese: Cabrales. It's blue, absolutely delicious, and maybe even a hint too sharp. I ate a little before bed on Tuesday and had wonderfully bizarre dreams.
  • One evening was spent watching cars trying to cram into a narrow passageway already packed with people. First, Alex blocked them with some bikes. That worked for a while. Then I blocked them by moving a sign. Turns out that many drivers are willing to disrupt tens of people in hope of a shortcut, but not a single two-foot-high wooden sandwich board. Not sure how I feel about that, but it certainly doesn't motivate me to become a cyclist.
  • In even the dingiest of canteens, soup is always a joy.
  • At the weekend I attempted to do some co-working around Putney but it really isn't all that fun as we lack the combination of both good spaces and good internet access. The Putney Village Office reopened for business at least. Pretty good fish and chips.
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