Weeknotes: Recovering — Week 2, 2023

  • Iconic week.
  • Real highlight was a team lunch on Monday, welcoming George to our team. I quietly made a real mess of some grilled king prawns and failed to hide the evidence. We all had affogato for dessert and talked about music notation. Welcome George!
  • Slightly bittersweet, this was my last week as acting tech director of FT.com: reflections on that as part of 2022 review ... eventually.
  • Shorter notes again this week: I've spent a lot of it recovering. This thing hit me hard. I'm glad that the NHS was there.
  • The uncertainty of my symptoms led to something of an anxiety tailspin this week. It got spookier. And while I'm feeling far better now, this kind of thing is scary and can come on fast so - reminder that mental health is no joke.
  • And did you know anxiety affects blood pressure? I've seen the numbers, it's no joke.
  • Alongside one therapy referral, I'm going through a slew of long-overdue tests with my GP. In some countries there are annual physicals: For peace of mind I sorta wish we did them here.
  • That beep? That fire alarms make when their several backup battery dies in the middle of the night? Yeah screw that beep. A sleepless night was the last thing I needed. Still angry about it.
  • Weird not to do anything for old new year.
  • The Metroid Dread race at AGDQ was fun. Sadly didn't catch any of the rest of it.
  • Back in London btw, and, ecstatic to be colocated with an electric shaver again.
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