Weeknotes: Scorching — Week 36, 2023

  • Highlights this week include watching the outcomes of a design-sprint, validating the core technical idea in my new project and watching someone implement image transformation with matrices by hand.
  • This is my hundredth weeknote, and I'm nearly the point where these outnumber my other posts 10:1. I'll probably change how the RSS feed works or something to celebrate!
  • September's scorching weather is brutal. Much like has happened with the Central line, an entire summer's worth of heat has built-up in my building, meaning that when I get home I'm greeted by warm water from my cold taps and that my portable air conditioner has met its match. Avg. 29C, Max 34C, Min 26C.
  • So: I'm pretty deep in the rabbit-hole of JavaScript bundling formats right now, but it's OK - it's for a good cause: micro-frontends. One challenge that we will face is interoperability between ES modules and our current chosen polyfill format: SystemJS. I enjoy these rabbit-holes, but much less than I used to.
  • Our internal conference comes up next year, and I've joined the organising committee. I'm also planning on submitting a talk to cover one of the bits of work I'm currently involved in. Is this too much? We'll see.
  • I think I now understand the mental models behind SageMaker now, and I'm genuinely appalled at the documentation behind it. AWS have some pretty sketchy documentation, but never before have I found it to be genuinely wrong or misleading. When it works, it's magic: You can train beefy workloads in hours, and it costs a maximum of a few dollars. Inference is also fairly affordable. Maybe I should write this stuff up?
  • I didn't disassemble an old couch and assemble a new couch on Wednesday. Went to Mercato instead. Love that place: If you're reading, please help me find more excuses to go to Mercato.
  • Managed to dodge not one, but two social commitments on Saturday. Honestly the heat wiped me out but I feel awful because I was really looking forward to both.
  • Holiday is BOOKED: Japan, for about three weeks in late October. I'm still wincing at the cost, but I think I've managed to make it as price-efficient as possible.
  • Plans on Sunday fell through, so I ended up doing a bit more work on my C++ final, on the DJ app which I'll probably rewrite as a serious project after the final is submitted. I've implemented rudimentary playlist support, including waveform displays (which are one of my favourite features from Rekordbox) which I'm particularly happy with because - with it already relying on caching, it means that music is pre-analysed before you play a track. Cool!
  • My new kinda-sorta side-project is this cursed thing: the Beepy. I got a 3D case printed, painstakingly tracked down the right screws (I now know how metric screw specifications work) and got all the software running. It's very cute, but I don't have any real use for it: Maybe it'll make for a neat portable Metasploit platform?
  • Watched a few movies this week, including Tenet: Interesting idea, great sound-track and definitely a bit of a thinker. But honestly, all round refreshing to see a science-fiction concept like this be fleshed out and executed in such a short run-time. Also appreciated the quick reference to Oppenheimer: Starting to see where Nolan got the idea from.

collage of week 36, 2023

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