Weeknotes: Drifting — 18th December 2022

  • Unceremoniously closing my laptop on Friday evening also closed my last day of work for the year. So begins the longest holiday in a while, and a firm resolution to take many more holidays next year.
  • With Twitter becoming increasingly censored & unstable, I'm redoing my site metadata to be less Twitter specific. Metatags.io has been helpful resource for testing and previewing, and while I'm not using it, og-image.xyz seems handy for generating images in a pinch.
  • Despite all odds, over the year I made a decent dent in my objectives including getting all of my team specific objectives over the line. I haven't done so well with my non-work objectives, so the next two weeks offer a chance to focus on one or two! 😬
  • In an upsetting-yet-damning inditement of what I wrote about language-learning last year, this week I got the results of a formal Japanese language assessment. I scored 70%, but, the comment read that my knowledge is "patchy" because I've "used multiple textbooks". Yep. Really wish people would stop telling me to "just self-study". Moderately angry.
  • The combination of train strikes (deliberately) making getting around very difficult & slow and a cold snap placing snow & ice everywhere meant lots of plans completely falling apart. Including running, which I didn't do much of as it turns out that trail and running shoes don't really grip ice.
  • However at some cost to my sleep, this week still included a few highlights including unlimited wings and industry gossip in Clapham, twice getting lost in Soho and free Lychee liquor in Southwark. Next stop - Brum for the holidays.
  • Recently I finished WeCrashed, a dramatization of the WeWork story. Many of the plot-points were familiar because I've read so much about them lately, but unlike the books, the show painted a much more sympathetic picture of Adam & Rebekah Neumann. I'm starting to think that capitalism is the true villain of this story.
  • Much like Adam did WeWork, on Thursday Kara ✨manifested✨ a screening of Die Hard complete with a Twitch-style chat for including remote viewers and it was great. Arjun got a dump of the chat from previous screenings ran a VAR-style real-time analysis of the best (and worst!) comments from years gone by. Nice memory to close work with this year.
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