Weeknotes: Nice-yet-bland — 13th February 2022

Brief spells of rain punctuate slightly longer days — seemingly timed to coincide with whenever I step outside.

  • Over the years I’ve come to recognise this as a sign that spring is well and truly on the way.
  • For most this time of year means recanting resolutions and thinking about spring cleaning. For me it means obtaining an umbrella.
  • This year it’s a nice-yet-bland number from totes.

This week it was nice participating in an technology strategy workshop in person, in an actual meeting room. (Disclaimer: This wording is borrowed since it really stuck with me).

  • Rowan mentions sharing some documentation with me. For the court, I’d like to clarify that said documentation included a recipe for making (very good) kimchi fried rice. Thanks Rowan.
  • I did not miss the ever-present threat of train delays.
  • Burying some lede, also this week, I got frustrated at having a fringe and cut my own hair. No that’s it. That’s all I’m saying.

The week has also been strangely contemplative as I've been trying to process some complex thoughts and feelings.

  • That includes taking a short sort-of-break from Twitter
  • But it's okay, it means extra time to read Noam Chomsky.
  • I sort-of long for 19th century coffee-houses.
  • Richard Wohl (1921-1957) was ahead of his time.
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