Weeknotes: Plumbing — Week 14, 2023

  • Week has flown by. Made some small tweaks to this site, reviewed a few technical documents and have started exploring how to do dynamic imports of one-shot code into articles (which is both a personal and a work problem). There's a pull-request I need to finish at work that brings more caching improvements. Writing this mostly for personal accountability.
  • Met Alice & George for what we're calling a power-breakfast on Wednesday. Who needs drinks after work when you can just talk life, shop and gossip at 8AM.
  • Ended up at a nomikai (飲み会) with Japanese colleagues. Fun chatter. Reminded me of going to these regularly years ago, only now I understand much more. Wish I could keep up with more complex conversation though: It'd be nice to practice simpler Japanese with people at my level.
  • Someone pointed out that Kanji are complicated for everyone and so I shouldn't let them hold me back, so I installed Yomichan (basically a dictionary?) and have been able to read (and write) a little bit.
  • Numbers are weird, man. Did you know that there are at least 500 ways of counting things in Japanese. And dates can be confusing too.
  • “Got any plans for the weekend?” asked the barista at the café someone once wrote a poem about. “Yes”, I said without thinking, ”I think I'm seeing the Mario Movie twice”. She nodded. I explained.
  • Anyway in the Friday sunshine I met some friends for lunch and we watched John Wick 4. What a satisfying movie: So much about it was right. I love the way that world-building works in this franchise. Plot holes become more backstory and the lore grows even more complex. Looking forward to the spin-off.
  • Really enjoying the weather. Evenings are still cold. But the days are bright.
  • Saw the Super Mario Bros., once as it turns out. What's with video-games getting decent adaptations these days? Lumalee's nihilism was unexpected for what I hope was a children's film. Maybe that's just the vibe. Came second in a game of WikiHow to Meme and later fourth in Mario Kart.
  • Chess championship is heating up. Game one is a draw. No Carlsen makes it a lot more interesting to watch.

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