Weeknotes: Steamed Tea — 7th November 2021

This week felt somehow extra-significant?

  • In incredibly exciting news: My team shipped a new product! FT Expert Series. It's a brand new service built from the ground-up, featuring industry experts Lily Cole, Mary Schapiro, Paul Polman and Leo Strine who present educational courses on ESG (Environmental, Social & corporate-Governance). The journey to get here has been really exciting and we've all learned a lot ("write-ups pending") - but if you'd like to learn from these brilliant people, you can get 20% off all courses using the promo code: FTNETWORK.
  • In other news: Several people from my old team were in town to meet up with each other in person for the first time since last year. Since I left, several people have come and gone, but the dynamics and aura feel exactly the same and everybody is as lovely as I remembered. One particularly emotional nostalgia-fuelled moment late in the week had me fighting back tears — a first for work — so that’s fun. If any of you are reading this, including those who didn't make it this time, please come back soon: Drinks are on me.
  • In aaaaaAAAA-SO-AWKWARD news: This week marked another reminder of how brain glitches can ruin your day. In particular those prompted by behavioural questions. Previously I learned that <8hrs sleep doesn't help and bringing the the STAR framework definitely does helps — however selecting the best examples and tuning the amount of detail to the audience seem to be things I just can’t stop tripping over. I suppose this is probably now a big personal goal to try and resolve.

Okay so what follows is an absolute cop-out because actually a tonne of other stuff happened but there’s one particular moment I’m (still) moderately angry about:

  • Scene: A (mostly) empty pub, after lunch
  • “Hi, I'd like to order an Earl Grey tea please?”
  • A few moments later was handed a mug brewing a bag of Twinings Earl Grey. Fine?
  • “Can I please also get some milk?”
  • “One sec”
  • Another few moments later, I was handed a small jug of milk.
  • but it was STEAMED milk. like, for a latte.
  • WHAT.

Oh, I guess fireworks season is upon us?

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