Weeknotes: Comparing — Week 37, 2023

  • We're into the final planning cycle of the year, which is a particularly interesting one because it's also the planning cycle that feeds into next years' budgets. So, busy days ahead.
  • After a scare, I ended up doing a piece of data analysis which involved both of our content APIs, and producing a differential of the data in each. I used Jupyter and Pandas, the actual disunion was a one-liner: only_in_api1_df = api1_df.loc[~api1_df['uuid'].isin(api2_df['id'])], and the hardest part (and yes, I'm including fetching the data in the first place) was reading files off of Google Drive! PyDrive, which is what Google recommend, is abandonware! Anyway, crisis averted: the report confirmed our suspicion that there was no difference.
  • I got invited to a leaving drinks which morphed into editorial drinks, which was intense but very interesting - and I walked back having met a lot of people I'd only ever heard of or emailed.
  • After some advice from a sage I made it my mission this week to name some projects. So first, the work to introduce a native graphics format to the website is now called "Interactive Graphics Integration" and the new format is a "Custom Code Component". These decisions were easy. The micro-frontend enablement exercise still has the same name.
  • This week also marked the culmination of our adventures with SageMaker, and a presentation about the model we trained. The result was a primitive-yet-promising model which will prove very useful in investigative journalism. Hoping to be involved if it ever does get any use, but for now I consider myself pretty well-versed in SageMaker, which isn't bad for something that fit exactly into my 10% time!
  • Rounded the week off with two lengthy sessions finishing my C++ final. First day on my own at Bracken House where I got nearly everything working and completely overhauled the UI, and got stumped on trying to implement one of several different beat-detection algorithms. Second day with Lucy and Matteus in Canary Wharf where I fixed a tonne of bugs and got beat-detection (via a library) working in a separate thread. Submitted now. It's over. For now.

Collage of week 37, 2023

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