Weeknotes: Atsuatsu — 14th August

Writing these from my “balcony”. It isn’t big enough for a chair so I’m leaning against a wall and pretending that passing cars can’t see me.

  • It’s been pretty hot in the UK this week, and my newly instrumented apartment peaked at 34.2°C (or 93.6°F). The root cause is a heat dome which reminds me of the Simpsons Movie. Not because of the dome - but because I can’t wait for it to be over.
  • You know what really is an excellent movie though? Prey. Best Predator movie yet. And on the theme of media about predatory behaviour, The Dropout is a great adaptation of John Carreyrou’s original book - although unfortunately it left out my favourite scene.
  • Hi Alex!
  • Regrettably the heat has prevented me from getting much done - there’s reading I can’t concentrate on and coursework I haven’t even started. So I caved and bought an air conditioning unit - which helpfully arrives after the heatwave is over.
  • Oh well.
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