Weeknotes: Cramming — Week 40, 2023

  • Four weeknotes in one. They were written, but my publishing pipeline was stuck. I've fixed it now!
  • Major theme of this week has been cramming before my holiday: Which has meant cranking through the chores I need to finish, trying to set many things in motion at work, reaching out to people to catch-up and a surprising amount of last-minute shopping. I now own another pair of trainers, but between discounts and clever accounting on my part these were basically free.
  • Spent oodles and oodles of time digging through JavaScript module behaviour.
  • After feeling very rotten over the weekend and Monday, I spent the entire week working from home. In part, just in case I was contagious, and in part because I don't want to catch anything before flying next week. I don't think I could be remote full-time: Video-calls are much more draining even with a really nice set-up — but my main issue is a lack of self-discipline around stopping the workday from bleeding into the evening - no matter how early I start.
  • But I did get to walk around South West London a lot. No two days did I take the same route to go, and really surprised myself with how many things I just hadn't seen in two and a bit years of living here.
  • PVO is back, baby!
  • Kristo & I got published this week, talking about an upcoming shortage of data centre power, which is my first byline at the FT. The work involved was fairly straightforward (and, quick) — we did the majority of it at the start of September, but seeing the final piece is something else. We got promoted in several places, and a fairly interesting reception. The comments did not disappoint!
  • Side-note, there are many things we did not talk about - but something I am fascinated by is Microsoft's intention to build their own private nuclear power plants. (No, they weren't inspired by Oppenheimer - they just saw this coming).
  • My final exam was supposed to happen this week. Not bitter.
  • Oh yeah, and I got a haircut. It's something a bit different. I'm not sure if I like it. We'll see.

Collage of week 40, 2023

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