Weeknotes: Testing — 13th November 2022

  • I'm still doing ZOE tests. Monday was the roughest day, involving eating 5 specially crafted muffins. What's wrong with muffins? They were fine, but I felt very strange the entire day. There was a blood-test too. It didn't help.
  • The rest of the week I've been doing their blood-sugar challenges, meaning eating specific foods at specific times and watching the impact on a glucose monitor. Today that was a breakfast of plain white rice with almond butter. Was it a weird food combination? Yes. Was it delicious? Oh my god yes.
  • I messed up and accidentally deleted my Substack account and wrote about it here.
  • Wednesday meant Pisco-sours: What an excellent cocktail. Dinner at Miraflores, anybody?
  • On Friday I went to Brighton for ffconf, both for the first time. Brighton is great (the fish & chips are actually better) and I now totally get why people keep moving there.
  • ffconf was a real vibe: The talks were all bangers and I took away lots of ideas & frameworks for building a better, more-ethical & more-fun web. I spent the entire time catching up with FT colleagues old-and-new (we were probably the biggest group there) and slightly regret not meeting anyone new. But, I don't regret the tacos.
  • The train-journey to Brighton had probably the friendliest guard anyone will ever meet. She gave us slightly misleading advice though, which meant us walking to Brighton from Hove. The train-journey back was just incredibly wholesome and was a great wrap-up for the day.
  • The elephant in the room is running. It is still happening. Slowly. I need to re-gain some fitness. The last few weeks have been a bit much.
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