Weeknotes: Anecdotalizing — 2nd October 2022

  • Working for a newspaper, it's impossible not to feel connected to the news. But with Skandal! on everybody's lips this week, that connection feels more real than ever. In many ways it's exciting being on the periphery of this kind of work, holding so many to account.
  • Generally excited right now.
  • The UK economy, huh?
  • We had two fairly major (but brief) outages on the website this week. One was caused by a recent breaking change within NodeJS and the other by an experimental feature-flag, both which slipped within our error boundaries. On top of the excellent cooperation between teams, what was very exciting to see is how our recent focus on reliability allowed us to learn from both.
  • Two more pumpkin-spices in btw.
  • For a few years, what has stopped me from getting a Remarkable is the lack of backlight and lack of Kindle support. On Thursday everything changed with the Kindle Scribe announcement. I'm genuinely excited about this device: It's the e-ink tablet which genuinely does nearly everything.
  • In-between runs, this week I've been playing a lot of Minecraft with Rowan & Luke. Navigating the limited world of Skyblock, studying grass-mechanics and trying to control the local slime population has been a great distraction from mild recovery aches.
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