Weeknotes: Procuring — Week 8, 2023

  • Reader, this week I've been navigating many teams, systems and process going through a procurement process. The process itself is actually great and I'm enjoying how far it's come since the days of endless spreadsheets and Salesforce. What's confusing is the specific arrangement I'm pursuing where I can't find any one person who can tell me what to do or how to do it. So this week you may call me Josef.
  • Soon I start working on the problem which I've previously referred to as the “Product Coexistence problem“, which through reframing has become about pragmatically introducing support for extending front-ends. It's exciting and should result in pushing technical boundaries in a constructive way. I'm excited about the implications for one-shot content, like, say, the interactive charts we publish.
  • Last week when I mentioned I was coming down with something, it turned out that I had mostly-asymptomatic Covid, which I wouldn't have caught without routine testing. Other than a sore throat on Saturday I didn't have a single trace. Goes to show that testing helps. And this net trend towards milder symptoms is probably a good thing?
  • Unfortunately the timing meant I missed seeing and catching-up with coworkers from our Bulgarian office, and the official reception for the launch of the FT Crossword app. I'll catch you next time, Mr T.
  • Alex Kondov's Tavern is a delightfully novel idea: Write a little bit towards a weekly prompt. I wrote something super cringey about the Ship of Theseus.
  • Oh, yeah, speaking of cringe, I'm still watching Bleach. I can't stop myself.
  • In my teens, the coding and study sessions that weren't powered by trance and radio 1 were powered by weirder genres of music like UK hardcore and J-core. Unfortunately both genres of music have really fallen into obscurity, and prompted by some nostalgia I spent most of the weekend trying to track down old J-core albums and sets. Archival might become a passion project and I'd appreciate any help.
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