Weeknotes: Alarming — Week 16, 2023

  • Had a blast writing up how one of our systems (Magnet, for the interested) works. Went in knowing a lot about how two parts of it worked. I wrote out an outline around what its main request/response lifecycle worked like and started a deep-dive to fill it out.
  • While eating a lunch of katsu curry outside The Ned on Monday, Will & I became unwitting participants of a China protest. People walked past waving placards and handing out flyers with QR codes. The chicken was pretty good, although the portion was huge and I struggled to finish. Solid 8/10.
  • Men literally only want to talk about two things (Religion & History) and it's disgusting.
  • Tuesday evening I left the office to meet the people at the boozy golfing social, and met the other people at the other boozy golfing social instead. Then ran from the Seahorse to Nandos: You can do it in ~7 minutes on a good day, I did it in 8.
  • My group made an afternoon of teams running through their OKRs. Genuinely heartwarming seeing so many long plays coming to fruition and people really owning their results. The snacks helped. Of particular note was seeing teams really upping their game with the wording and measuring of their OKRs.
  • Continuing the trend of literally every long-running sitcoms I like, the eighth and final season 8 of Brooklyn 99 was really not good. The finale was fun though.
  • Saturday marked the opening of another Marugame branch, this time in Reading. We made a day-trip of it. The fun thing about Asahi's Tornado is that you can accidentally press the button over a bowl and instantly turn your Udon into an alcopop. What will they think of next?
  • Reading is starting to get kind-of cool. Biscuit Factory was a vibe.
  • God I love Advance Wars. Wish I could turn off the voice acting. This is one of these games which definitely doesn't need it. But the campaigns are as fun as I remember them being.
  • To UK readers, happy emergency alert day.

collage of week 16, 2023

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