Weeknotes: Mind The Gap — 31st July 2021

  • I am writing weeknotes once more.
  • Gosh it's been a little while. There is much we must discuss, dear reader! But all in good time.
  • Please mind the gap.

Venturing Outside

  • This weekend I finally broke the cycle of not-doing-very-much courtesy of the pandemic and it's siblings anxiety & social-isolation.
  • Went kayaking with some friends this weekend. And had a picnic. It was nice.
  • Making a boat go in a straight line [against water, and wind] is rather difficult, it turns out.
  • Later met a friend for a drink. At a pub? (they still exist). Walked home. It was also nice.
  • We both got hit on by someone who was very, very under the influence of something. That was not so nice.
  • My body hurts from rowing, probably not helped by walking. This is a troubling sign.
  • Actually, sorry, I lied, last weekend I celebrated a friend's birthday in Victoria park. That was the first thing I did in meatspace recently.
  • Seeing people, meeting new ones (post-RAT), is pretty surreal honestly. I'm feeling a sense of enthused-trepidation about the whole thing.
  • I believe that when the highlight of your weekend is "hanging tarpaulin between three trees just in case it rains" you are entitled to experiencing whichever life-crisis you want.
  • In definitely unrelated news, I am now experiencing a mid-20s crisis.

The Gap

  • Aka "the elephant in the room", or, "Alex, why did you stop writing weeknotes, and why did you slow down writing more generally?"
  • The short-answer: I did not have much to say for a little bit. I broke the streak.
  • Broken streaks are, as I'm sure you've learned from your past few failed attempts to learn German on Duolingo (c'mon let's be honest reader?), ironically very self-defeating!
  • Our streaks play at loss-aversion. Why break that number which is reaching its high hundreds? But ... What happens when we inevitably miss a day, and lose that number? Will that number ever climb back up? Is there even any point?
  • Honestly I'm petrified of breaking my Apple-Health Activity streak. Or my Kindle streak.
  • Real lesson here, is that keeping up a streak is a very weak form of motivation. I'm going to work on it.

Minding The Gap

  • Okay, so this phrase is on my mind because I have been thinking about the London Underground a lot recently.
  • It might just be me? But I used to legitimately dislike the sort-of outside stations like Faringdon. Now I really enjoy them?
  • The concept of Kings Cross station being entirely underground seems quite unpleasant.
  • That said why do we listen to grumpy Brits talking about gaps? I miss the tunes that play on the JR. Seseragi brings back memories.
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