Weeknotes: Jar, Bowl, Lantern — Week 5, 2024

  • Our mark, let's call her “E”, doesn't know that this is a surprise birthday dinner. Cake is in play. We keep the conversation light in wait of the music. One problem - the card is still blank! So begins the great birthday card heist of '24.
  • This was a Tanzwüste kinda week. Melodic and cheerful.
  • Wednesday evening was a real highlight. I can only gush about how delightful it was and how delightful the crowd was, but that's not what you're here for so I'll gloss over that. Thanks for organising, R!
  • Aren't we always heading to Paddington?
  • At the weekend I walked from Harrow to Hanwell to see parakeets and beavers, and then ran (aided by public transit) from Hanwell to Surrey Quays to drink caipirinhas.
  • Imagine having to wear a straw hat in class, as part of your uniform. Wild.
  • M dragged me along to a table tennis court: I walked in as an embarrassing beginner and walked out a teensy bit better. I find it really hard to be bad at stuff like this, so just won't, but after embracing the vulnerability it was a great time.
  • If you're subscribed by RSS or email, something really weird is going to happen next week.
  • Hopefully next week will be a Tanzwüste kinda week too!
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